Expanding While Remaining Uniquely Hawaiian

The Modernization Program Management Team is pursuing the terminal design and construction process according to traditional Hawaiian values of collaboration and respect for the land and its people.  

The goal is to create an airport that does not just reflect a “Hawaiian sense of place” – but is “a Hawaiian place.”  Rather than superimposing a Hawaiian theme on an otherwise undistinguished airport terminal, the goal is to build the story of Hawai’i and its people into the very fabric of the terminal.  Hawaiian values are driving every aspect of the process, from administration and management, to planning, design and construction.

The Modernization Program seeks to make our airports unique and worthy of our stature as a world class visitor destination, while being appropriately respectful and reflective of the unique history of Hawai`i and its people.  Hawai‘i today is a rich blend of diverse ethnic, national and cultural groups.  While our family tree has many branches, at its core is the host Native Hawaiian culture, with deep roots running from the land (`aina) to the sea (kai).

The Kumulipo.

Once the HNL Modernization is completed, a walk from one end of the terminal to the other will be a journey through the Kumulipo, the chant of genealogy of the Hawaiian people, from creation to the present. The design will also reflect the ethnobotany of the traditional ahupua’a system that provided stewardship of the land from the mountains to the sea. Once completed, the new terminal will have a unique Hawaiian identity and, over the years will provide enriching educational experiences for residents and visitors alike, the airport will minimize waste, responsibly use resources, provide efficient connectivity, create jobs and generate revenue.