Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

As part of the larger statewide Hawaii Airports Modernization Program, the new facilities and improvements at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport consist of a multi-year effort to transform HNL into a distinctive, functional airport, worthy of a first class visitor destination and to meet the growing needs of residents and visitors alike.

The major components of Daniel K. Inouye International Airport Modernization Program are: 

·   Mauka Concourse
·   Diamond Head Commuter Terminal
·   Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC)
·   Aloha Air Cargo Facility
·   Hawaiian Airlines Cargo/Maintenance Facility
·   Widening of Taxilanes G & L
·   New Employee Parking Lot
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Other HNL Improvement Projects in Progress

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  •    Fire Sprinkler Improvements in the Overseas Terminal
  •    2nd Level (Departure) Roadway Improvements
  •    Inter-Island Terminal 3rd Level Roadway Improvements
  •    Widen Taxilanes G & L into the Inter-Island Terminal
  •    Construction of additional hardstands and aprons
  •    Repairs to Taxiway Z
  •    Widening of Runway 8L
  •    Construction of the new Consolidated Car Rental Facility
  •    Improvement of Signage in and around the Airport
  •    Ewa Concourse Concession Improvements
  •    Diamond Head Concourse Improvements at Gates 6 - 11
  •    Improvements to the Terminal Shuttle areas
  •    Improvement to HVAC Systems - Chilled Water Piping


Other HNL Improvement Projects Completed

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  •    Completed new Employee Parking Lot
  •    Upgraded the Access Control and Closed Circuit TV
  •    Installed Energy Saving devices (LED fixtures and PV panels)
  •    Incorporate Energy Saving System for HVAC
  •    NDWP Taxilanes G & L Widening, Phase I
  •    Taxiway Z Structural Improvements
  •    Interim Car Rental Facility at HNL
  •    NDWP Elliott Street, Aloha Air Cargo Demolition, Phase II
  •    HNL Roadway and Miscellaneous Improvements
  •    Kalewa Street Storage Lot Paving
  •    Automated Passport Control Kiosks
  •    Demolition of Fuel Storage Tank
  •    Furnishing and Delivery of one (1) Multi-Purpose Structural Pumper Trunk
  •    Maintenance of Telephone System at HNL
  •    Noise Monitoring System at HNL
  •    Replacement of Automatic Motorized Doors at HNL
  •    Mark Sealanes for Water Runways 04W - 22W and 08W - 26W