Kahului Airport — Maui

Completed Projects

  • Made substantial improvements to the existing ticket lobby, including new passenger check-in counter spaces with 24 computerized kiosks, new baggage claim carousels, and a new generator building. 
  • Constructed an asphalt and concrete aircraft apron for security isolation of aircraft as necessary
  • Constructed a new 31,000 square foot cargo building
  • Constructed a new 7,400 square foot alien species detection facility
  • Improved runway safety areas
  • Provided new employee parking area.
  • Improved air-conditioning
  • Replaced nine passenger loading bridges
  • Replaced escalators
  • Installed new, state-of-the-art baggage screening equipment (Explosive Detection System)

New Alien Species Detection Facility and Cargo Building

Projects in Progress

  • Improving apron pavement structures
  • Replacing and upgrading security access control and Closed Circuit TV Systems
  • Re-roofing terminal building, Phase 1
  • Improving Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station

Long Term Efforts

  • Restroom renovations
  • Re-align Airport Access Road to relieve traffic congestion
  • Re-roof the terminal building, Phase II
  • Runway and taxiway repairs
  • Construct a consolidated rental car facility
  • Install new flight and baggage information display systems
  • Expand parking to add over 1,700 spaces
  • Improve Heliport