Taxilanes G & L Widening, Phase 1


The Taxilanes G & L widening project primarily consists of pavement reconstruction and overlay of portions of Taxilanes G & L and Taxiway A.  Additional work include demolition and reconstruction of airfield lighting and signage, construction of new storm drain systems, and extension of the box culvert to cover a portion of the Manuwai Canal near Taxiway A to meet FAA design and safety standards.



Phase 1 of this project has been subdivided into eight (8) construction phases to minimize the impacts to existing airfield operations.  The 8 phases are designated Phase 1-A through Phase 1-H, and each phase includes detail areas showing areas closed to aircraft operations, the duration of closures, barricade placement, taxi routes, construction staging areas, construction access and haul routes, and departing aircraft procedures.
Project Status
This section provides the status of progress for the Taxilane G&L widening project using the contractor's three-week schedule and other project-related reporting. 
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