Kona International Airport — Hawaii

Completed Projects

  • Installed a new airport perimeter fence and maintenance roadway, along with security lighting in the General Aviation area
  • Constructed air-conditioned enclosures for the TSA security checkpoints
  • Installed two washracks
  • Resurfaced parking lots and added 100 stalls
  • Painted the terminal exterior, replaced the skylight at restaurant buildings
  • Replaced and upgraded baggage carousel at South Terminal

Projects in Progress

  • Expanding the former employee parking lot to the east, adding 392 stalls
  • Rehabilitating the cargo apron
  • Relocating the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Station to front of the new Airport Traffic Control Tower


Long Term Efforts

  • Relocate Onizuka Space Center
  • Consolidate check-point to a central location which will connect the north and south terminals
  • Provide additional baggage carousel at South Terminal
  • Provide air conditioned hold rooms and a new food court
  • Expand terminal and add up to five new gates