Lihue Airport — Kauai

Completed Projects

  • Installed new CTX-2500 x-ray baggage screening machines in the ticket lobby to meet urgent federal security requirements
  • Replaced eight passenger-loading bridges
  • Replaced four baggage carousels and conveyor belts with new, high-capacity carousels and wider belts
  • Replaced the terminal air conditioning chiller plant
  • Repaired taxiways and cargo apron pavement
  • Improved the airport perimeter road and fence
  • Completed new General Aviation area by relocating the National Weather Service, paving the apron area, and realigning the northern portion of Ahukini Road
  • Improved Heliport - consolidated ticketing, parking and maintenance

Projects in Progress

Aerial view of the Lihue Heliport

  • Continuing to improve the air conditioning system
  • Replacing and upgrading the security access control and Closed Circuit TV Systems
  • Restoring the former landfill site
  • Acquiring land adjacent to the airport to ensure safe operations and possible incompatible use of the property in the future


New airport perimeter fence

Long Term Efforts

  • Upgrades to the ticket lobby
  • Construct a consolidated car rental facility
  • Expand parking to add 450 stalls and a new lane on the airport loop road